Palin Slams Perry on ‘Crony Capitalism’ – Perry Admits Mistake on Vaccine Policy

    • My take on this, is that, you will have a hard time being honest in America and still get elected because voters don’t do their homework. Palin is being honest about Perry and his HPV Vaccination Mandate in Texas. Check out what The Truth-O-Meter Says: @ PolitiFact Check Texas. Read this article.

    • Perry also admitted his policy was a mistake. You decide!


Healthcare and other Un-Constitutional Laws!

How can we repeal ObamaCare! Judge Andrew Napolitano sat in as a guest host on the Glenn Beck show. He interviewed both Kevin Gutzman and Thomas E. Woods, who are two of the countrys leading minds on state sovereignty issues. Powerful stuff.. 10 Min. Video

States’ Rights: Nullification of Federal Laws

John Stacy discusses nullification of federal laws by states.       Part 1 – 10 Min.     Part 2 – 10 Min.      Part 3 – 11 Min.