Morgan Freeman calls Tea Party/GOP Racist!!!


Andrew Klavan Explains Money for Liberals!

Healthcare and other Un-Constitutional Laws!

How can we repeal ObamaCare! Judge Andrew Napolitano sat in as a guest host on the Glenn Beck show. He interviewed both Kevin Gutzman and Thomas E. Woods, who are two of the countrys leading minds on state sovereignty issues. Powerful stuff.. 10 Min. Video

States’ Rights: Nullification of Federal Laws

John Stacy discusses nullification of federal laws by states.       Part 1 – 10 Min.     Part 2 – 10 Min.      Part 3 – 11 Min.

The CFR Controls American News/Media

What? You never heard of the Council on Foriegn Relations? Here is a quick 4 min. video!

Barack Obama Mocks Jesus Christ!

What else can I say! Watch the 2 min. video!

Gods will is stronger than bullets!

Sara Weaver: Remembering Ruby Ridge – A triumph of the human spirit. god is the answer!

Perhaps the most anticipated prosecution witness was Lon Horiuchi, the young FBI sniper who shot Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris, and who killed Vicki Weaver. When he fired the bullet that killed Vicki, Horiuchi said he had no idea that she was standing behind the curtain to the door that Randy and Kevin were rushing to enter.  “No, sir,” Horiuchi replied when asked whether he ever intended to kill Vicki.  On cross, Spence asked the sniper if he knew “there was a possibility of someone being behind the door.”  Horiuchi admitted that he understood the possibility. <—Sketch drawn by FBI Sniper Horiuchi showing what he saw immediately before firing bullet that killed Vicki Weaver.

When Ron Howen returned to his office after Horiuchi’s emotional day of testimony there was a package from Washington on his desk.  Opening it, Howen found to his great consternation a crude drawing on a hotel notepad.  The drawing was one made by Horiuchi on the day after the shooting and in one of the windows to the door of Weaver’s cabin were two semicircles representing heads, just where Horiuchi had testified as to seeing none.