Hello fellow Patriots!

Welcome to The Revolutionary Conservative!

I am a Constitutional Conservative and Patriotic American. I sincerely hope that some of the discussion here will result in a better United States of America. I would like to leave behind a Nation that is a better place for my Family and future generations of Americans to inherit.

What we are and some simple guidelines for my guests.

  • This BLOG was created for the pupose of sharing and discussing issues and facts that concern those of us who Believe in Rule of Law and in America as a Republic.
  • If you believe America was founded with Devine Intervention, or in American Exceptionalism, or in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, then you have probably found a home!
  • I encourage you to subscribe, browse, and actively engage in healthy and respectful debate.
  • The rules are simple: Be respectful, constructive, and somewhat tolerant. Healthy debate needs to include referencing facts, so, don’t be afraid to cite news articles or video. When healthy debate has occurred and two people still disagree, then, agreeing to disagree just might be the best answer.
  • I explicitly reserve the right to maintain order.

I hope you enjoy your visit and even possibly subscribe!


FA Smoke


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