T.A.R.P. Money Laundered by Obama Administration and House Democrats! Solyndra!

This is nothing more than Washington D.C. behaving like the Cosa Nostra! Solyndra was nothing more than a front for laundering T.A.R.P. money. Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law was involved and now Solyndra is in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and the American Taxpayer has been fleeced out of $535 Million!


Nice in depth three page National Review article.


Andrew Klavan Explains Money for Liberals!

Healthcare and other Un-Constitutional Laws!

How can we repeal ObamaCare! Judge Andrew Napolitano sat in as a guest host on the Glenn Beck show. He interviewed both Kevin Gutzman and Thomas E. Woods, who are two of the countrys leading minds on state sovereignty issues. Powerful stuff..

http://youtu.be/ojQj_CKiThs 10 Min. Video

Informational Links in opposition to the 16th Amendment

Ex-IRS agent – Joe Banister


Sherry Jackson


Larken Rose


 Gaylon “Whitey” Harrell


Tax History Education


Up to date Honest Tax news


16th Amendments Constitutionality

A great explanation by Aaron Russo of how the IRS and Federal Reserve are Unconstitutional and destroying America! This video clip is an excerpt from Aaron Russo’s “Freedom to Fascism”. 1913 was quite possibly the worst year in American history!