9-11-2001 and National Security 10 years later!

I served in the Army under Bill Clinton for most of his Presidency and watched him slowly dismantle the National Security Agencies. Bam 9-11 was a big surprise? Not to me! I wasn’t blind to the WTC bombings from 1993 and the 1998 African Embassy bombings by al Qaeda, even though, I didn’t know them by that name then. I sat in Saudi Arabia in 1998, ate lunch at Pizza Hut across the street from Bin Laden Construction, and got an education about Islamic terrorism while working for Raytheon. Our Government new that al Qaeda was training insurgents to fly aircraft laden with explosives into what they thought was to be the Eiffel Tower, because it was admitted during testimony at the African Embassy bombing trials of 2000 and 2001. What a stretch to think about how that plan could be altered and result in a potential 9-11 attack? I saw the WTC attack and I hung my head in shame. How was it I could see the connection between the 1993 attacks on the WTC and the statements made by al Qaeda at the Embassy bombing trials, but, our own Government could not? Because Americans had forgotten that the Number One, bar none, reason for Government is….. NATIONAL SECURITY! Not meddling in the economy, social issues, or spreading the wealth around! Instead everyone was concerned with their financial portfolio!!! Well… So was al Qaeda! So much so that they took down what they believed represented the most evil thing about America!! The WTC stood as a monument to America’s economic power! Would you have me believe there is no lesson to be learned from 9-11? Good luck trying to convince me because I’m singing la la la while you waste your breath!! I learned alot about money and how important it is in my life!! Our Founding Fathers new there was an important balance between property and morality. That is what we as a Nation are struggling with today! I hope for the love of God that we get it figured out soon. We already know how to be industrious as a Nation, what we need reminding of, is how important the Character of our Nation is!

God BlessAmerica!

FA Smoke


2 Comments on “9-11-2001 and National Security 10 years later!”

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